About Us


My name is Amninder Singh.

I am the founder of the blog - moneykuxion.com

I started this blog to create a cushion of money for myself and others who trusted me online.

When we lose a 9 - 5 job and when things are completely against us, we end up feeling depressed or anxious somehow.

But imagine if we could just have a cushion of money that protects us from getting hit hard in life then what would be the outcome?

No depression... No anxiety on losing a job.

To create such a cushion, I created moneykuxion.com (pronounciation: money cushion (dot) com)

This blog is currently hosted on blogger now.

You will be able to find different ways of earning money online on this blog.

From blogging to affiliate marketing and from ad networks to cryptocurrencies, you will find every practical thing here.

Hope this blog helps you earn money and safeguard you in life.

All the best!

Update : 09 05 2022.

Eventually MoneyKuxion found its life purpose to Spread Practical Banking Awareness. Moneykuxion follows RBI standards in terms of dealing with Money.

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