"To Contribute Rather Compete"

It is easy to understand the US stock market with a right kind of foundation. To begin with, there ar 5934 US companies listed on INDMoney.

We will first use the Contribution model that is, without worrying whether we would have profits or loses, we will contribute 1 Dollar in each company. At the end of your contribution journey, you will be a shareholder in 5934 US Listed Companies. Becoming a Shareholder is the very first for Deep Market Awareness.

This step is intended for you to learn about the names of the listed companies. It will be beneficial at the end of the journey. With so much of financial awareness, you will have many different ways to make money out of this but I recommend you to contribute first.

To Contribute First Then Compete.

Table of Contents

How to Sort and Filter US Stocks

1. Market Cap. You can sort and filter US Stocks based on the Market Cap.
2. Name of the Stocks.
3. Price - High to Low
4. Price - Low to High
5. Change - How to Low
6. Change - Low to High
7. Volume

Category of US Stocks

There are 4 major categories of US Stocks

1. Mega Cap.
2. Large Cap.
3. Mid Cap.
4. Small Cap.

There are 18 Sectors defined in the US Stocks Market as per to INDMoney.

1. Technology Sector.
2. Financial Sector 
3. Consumer cyclical
4. HealthCare
5. Financial Services
6. Industrialists
7. Basic materials
8. Services
9. Real Estate Sector
10. Energy Sector
11. Consumer defensive Sector
12. Industrial goods Sector
13. Utilities Sector
14. Consumer Goods Sector
15. Communication services Sector
16. Consumer/non-cyclical Sector
17. Capital Goods Sector
18. Transportation Sector

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