Want to make passive income online with no efforts? Then look no further because I will tell you 3 awesome apps that you can install and use on your mobile and computers to earn money online (passively)

1. HoneyGain

The first application is Honeygain. It works on your mobile device as well as on your computer systems (Windows, MacOS and Linux)

Honeygain App Earnings

All you need to do is install the Honeygain app on your mobile device and computer system and then let it share your unused internet and then pay you simultaneously for that.

The minimum payout on the Honeygain app is only $20.00 USD. You can withdraw this money in your PayPal account or Bitcoin.

Use this special link to signup on Honeygain to earn $5.00 USD welcome bonus.

As per to the official website, it takes around 50 days for the application to earn you $20.00 USD. So be patient when you install and use it.

There is also a honeygain referral program that pays you 10% commissions for every person you refer to the website.

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2. Packetstream

PacketStream is a desktop application that also shares your unused internet to setup a residential proxy network for its users.

The minimum payout on PacketStream is only $5.00 USD that you can withdraw in your PayPal account.

All you need to do is signup on PacketStream and then download and install the software application in your laptop/computer.

That's it!

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3. IPRoyal

The third website to make money online by sharing your unused internet is IPRoyal.

Click here to make your free IPRoyal account

IPRoyal minimum payout is only $1.00 USD that you can withdraw in your PayPal account.

It is available for android, windows 32 bit, windows 64 bit and MacOS.

You can also refer others to the website to earn commissions. You will earn 10% commissions on every person you refer to the website.

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So, that's all for the 3 amazing apps to share your unused internet to make money online.

Hope you install these apps and refer others to make more money online.

Happy Earnings! 

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