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Were you looking for a Google Adsense alternative? Was it like, you applied for adsense but they didn't approve your website then don't be demoralized, Infolinks is here for you. 

Hopes high! You can still make money with your blog.

    What is Infolinks?

     Infolinks is a ad network with multiple ad formats for your website. It was founded in 2007 by Yariv Davidovich and Oren Dobronsky and got acquired by Thrive Plus LLC (Thrive+) later on.

    Just like Google Adsense, Infolinks is a contexual ad network. It means, it will show high quality interest based ads to your visitors on your blog.

    How Does Infolinks Work?

    Infolinks works intelligently in 2021, all you need to do is place the javascript code in the body of your website and then Infolinks will start showing ads for you.

    There are multiple ad formats like Infold, Inscreen, Intext, Inarticle, Inframe and Intag. These ad examples are shown later in this post.

    What are the benefits of using Infolinks ads instead of Google Adsense?

    Well, the actual thing is - Infolinks is an adsense reseller, It also places Adsense ads on your blog and infact can be used together with Google Adsense with no problem.

    If the niche of your blog is not sensitive and you're not bothered too much about user experience then you can use Google Adsense and Infolinks together to make more money with your blog.

    Infolinks Ad Examples : Infolinks Features Overview

     There are 6 ad formats that you can use on your blog from infolinks. You can place all of them if you want to maximize your revenue.

    These ad formats are -

    1. InText
    2. InFold
    3. InTag
    4. InFrame
    5. InArticle
    6. Interstitials/InScreen(but on demand only)

    Infolinks Ad Example : InText

    Infolinks Ad Example - InText

    InText advertisments means Infolinks is going to place hyperlinks in your blog articles and then each hyperlink is being monetized with a high quality ad. When someone clicks on the hyperlink, you will make money.

    At maximum, you can place 12 such hyperlinks in one blogpost. You can also choose the color of Infolinks intext ads.

    Infolinks Ad Example : Infold

    Infold ads are sticky ads thar are placed at the bottom of your blog. You can place this ad bottom-left, bottom-center or bottom-right as per to your choice. 

    See here,

    Infolinks Ad Example - InFold

    Infolinks Ad Example : InTag

    Intag ads are basically tags that are monetized with ads. You can place these tags at the bottom of your blogposts or at the top. You can also place them manually anywhere on your blog with this ad code.

    <input type="hidden" name="IL_IN_TAG" value="2"/>

    See the InTag example below,

    Infolinks Ad Example  - InTag

    Infolinks Ad Example : InFrame

    The next ad format in Infolinks is InFrame. Infolinks usually places two InFrame ads on your blog.

    These could be the highest paying ads from Infolinks when users click on them.

    Infolinks Ad Example - InFrame

    Infolinks Ad Example : InArticle

    The fifth ad format provided by Infolinks is InArticle. You can manually place InArticle ads anywhere in your articles.

    You just need to place below code where you want the ad to be displayed.

    <input type="hidden" name="IL_IN_ARTICLE">

     Below is the screenshot of the ad format.

    Infolinks Ad Example - InArticle

    Infolinks Ad Example : Interstitials/Inscreen

    This is the sixth ad format provided by infolinks to publishers. But it is only approved when you mail infolinks support team. You can mail something like.

    Hi Infolinks Support,

    My website is [YourWebsite] appropriate to display Inscreen/Interstitials.

    Please approve.

    [Your Name]
    Infolinks Publisher

    Advantages of Infolinks Ad Network

    There are 3 main advantages of Infolinks Ad Network.

    1. You can use Infolinks with and without adsense. If your website or blog is not approved by Google Adsense yet then you can surely use infolinks for a while.
    2. There is no minimum traffic per day requirement for account approval.
    3. You can place 6 different types of ads for maximum revenue.

    Disadvantages of Infolinks Ad Network

    There are 3 main disadvantages of Infolinks Ad Network.
    1. Payment is $50.00 USD. If you're a beginner then it would take a lot of time to get this much money. You can try Propellerads instead if you want to make some quick money. Propellerads has only $5.00 USD minimum payout for PayPal.
    2. If you know Affiliate marketing and can promote affiliate products well on your blog then that could be a better monetization alternative than Infolinks.
    3. Infolinks affects user experience. In 2021 and beyond, user experience would be considered as one the ranking factors by Google. So, if you care about your visitors experience on your site then use only 2 - 3 Infolinks ad formats on your site.

    Infolinks Requirement : Infolinks Approval Tips and Tricks

    Below are the tips that you need to get a fast and instant Infolinks approval.
    1. Your website should have basic pages like About Us, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, DMCA and Contact Us.
    2. Your website shouldn't be offensive, negative or spammy in nature. Url shortner website? Movie Downloading website, No for Infolinks.
    3. Try to have 10 - 20 well written blog posts on your website before applying. They manually check your website before approving it.
    4. Make sure your blog looks clean and professional.
    5. If you're using high quality ad networks like Google Adsense,  then that is good but remove all other ad networks that you're using on your website before applying. Once approved, please remove the other ad networks. 

    How to Integrate Infolinks Ads to Your Website?

    It is 2021 now and everything is being managed intelligently by Infolinks.

    The first step to integrate Infolinks is to create an Infolinks account.

     It doesn't matter if your blog/website is based on WordPress, Blogger or Drupal, you can just place the javascript code from the Integrate section of Infolinks at bottom of the body of your blog.

    Integrate Infolinks To Your Website

    After placing this code in the body section of your website, you need to place the InfoLinks ad inventory in your blog's ads.txt file. It is recommended to place the ad inventory to maximize your earnings.

    ads.txt inventory looks like this,
    Infolinks Ad Inventory for Ads.txt

    If you get some error while placing the ad inventory in your ads.txt file then capitalize 'direct' to 'DIRECT' and 'reseller' to 'RESELLER' using a simple software like notepad on your computer.

    Infolinks Latest Payment Proof

    Below is the payment proof from one of my websites that uses Infolinks.

    Infolinks Latest Payment Proof
    Infolinks Payment Proof. Sign up to Earn Now!

    3 Tips to increase your Infolinks Earnings

    1. Increase Your Traffic : Increase your organic traffic and you will have more earnings. This is common sense. You can learn SEO and highly optimize your content to rank at the top of Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and then Google will start sending traffic to your blog.
    2. Use all the ad formats : There are 6 ad formats that Infolinks offers you to place on your website. To increase your earnings, you can use all the ad formats on your website.
    3. Use High CPC keywords : In your blog, target the keywords that have high CPC (Cost Per Click) for the US traffic and yes, target the US traffic if you want to have high earnings with your blog.

      To find High CPC keywords, you can use Semrush (30 Days Free Trial)

    How to Get Paid with Infolinks?

    There are multiple payment processors that you can use to get paid with Infolinks. These are Echeck/Local Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer Prepaid Debit Card and you can even hold your payments in your account.

    See here,
    Infolinks Payment Methods
    Infolinks Payment Methods

    But Infolinks charges transaction fees for Local Bank Transfer, Wire transfer and PayPal. So, I recommend you to use Payoneer Prepaid Debit Card.

    Click here to create you Free Payoneer Account

    What is the Minimum Payment Threshold of Infolinks for Publishers?

    The minimum payment threshold is $50.00 for publishers for all the payment methods listed above.

    If you want withdrawals as low as $5.00 then you can also join Propellerads ad network to monetize your blog.

    Infolinks Referral Program for Publishers

    You can also promote Infolinks on your blog to earn more money. Infolinks pay you 10% commissions for one full year on your referrals earnings.

    Infolinks Ad Creative

    It is a good idea to promote the ad network you're using on your website to earn some more money.

    You can use Banner ads to promote your referral link on your own blog. You can find custom banner ads from the Referral section of Infolinks website.

    [SOLVED] Infolinks Ads.txt Integration Error For Blogger Blog

    You're required to place Ads.txt inventory in your blog if you're using infolinks. 

    For Wordpress blog, it is easy, you can simply place the Ads.txt file in the root folder of your blog but for blogger blog, you need to copy your ads.txt file entries manually into your ads.txt settings

    To do so in blogger, simply copy Ads.txt entries from your Infolinks account.

    Now, open your blogger blog settings from the left and search for ads.txt as shown below 

    Searching for ads.txt in blogger settings

    Now enable custom ads.txt by clicking on the button on the right.

    Now click on Custom ads.txt and paste your Infolinks ads.txt file into it. By doing so, you will get an error as shown below.

    The ads.txt content does not comply with the format rules

    The error is : The ads.txt content does not comply with the format rules. 

    To solve this error, simply copy your ads.txt inventory into notepad. Now press 'Ctrl + H' to replace all direct with DIRECT and reseller with RESELLER as shown below.

    Infolinks ads.txt in notepad, replacing direct with DIRECT
    Replacing "direct" with "DIRECT"

    Infolinks ads.txt in notepad, replacing "reseller" with "RESELLER"
    Replacing "reseller" with "RESELLER"

    Now, at last, copy these entries into your blogger blog custom ads.txt column and press SAVE. You will see, it has been successfully saved.

    Infolinks Review 2021 : My Conclusion

    If you're starting out as a blogger then monetizing your blog in the first year with some ads is a good idea. It will pay for your renewal charges later on.

    Having some money in your pocket is far better than no money.

    Infolinks is only recommended when you have not moved to affiliate marketing in your career.

    Yes, affiliate marketing can help you earn thousands of dollars in a month but that requires certain set of skills to implement and earn from.

    So, till the time you're not into affiliate marketing with your blog, Infolinks is recommended as one of the best ad networks out there for monetization.

    Infolinks Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

    Q 1. How much can I earn from Infolinks?
    A : Your Infolinks earnings highly depend on the quality of traffic on your website. If it is US traffic or Tier-1 country traffic then you will surely earn good amount of money. It also depends on the behavior of the visitors on your website. If they feel interested and click on some ads on your website regularly, then you will surely more money.
    Q 2. Can we use InfoLinks with Google Adsense?
    A: Yes, you can definitely use Infolinks with Google Adsense. You can even use Propellerads with Google Adsense now.

    Q 3. Is Infolinks better than Adsense?
    A: No, Infolinks cannot be better than Adsense in terms of revenue potential but yes, if your Adsense account is banned or not approved yet then you can consider Infolinks as a good alternative.

    Q 4. Is Infolinks good for Indian Traffic?
    A : Yes, Infolinks would pay you money even for Indian traffic but If the traffic is from US then you will surely earn more.

    Q 5. Is Infolinks a good monetization platform?
    A: Yes, Infolinks is a good monetization platform but only for the beginners and intermediate level bloggers and website owners. Affiliate marketing and Google Adsense are far better than Infolinks.

    Q 6. What is Infolinks approval time?
    A: Infolinks approves your website almost instantly. So, make sure your website is following our Approval tips and Tricks as mentioned in this blog above.

    Q 7. How do I cancel my Infolinks account?
    A:  You can email Infolinks support to cancel your Infolinks account.

    Hope this article provided you enough information related to Infolinks.

    Please share what do you think about this ad network in the comments below.

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