"To Contribute Rather Compete"

The first step to make money online with ySense is to sign up and make a free account with it.

Click here to make your free ySense account.

After creating your free ySense account, you need to confirm your email that you've entered.

Now, there are three main ways to earn money from ySense. These are surveys, offers and affiliate commissions.

Let's talk about these three ways one by one.

ySense Surveys

ySense provides you surveys to complete from various popular survey panels. These survey panels are namely Opinion Surveys and Peanut labs.

ySense will also send based on your profile. So, do complete your survey profile on this website to earn better.

Note: Some people try to solve surveys too fast that survey panels penalize them and eventually disqualify them. So make sure, you do not speed up too much as you're doing the surveys.

You can recite the questions and options out loud while you're doing the surveys to avoid the problem of 'speeding up'

ySense Offers

There are multiple offerwalls in ySense that pays you money for completing offers. These offerwalls are : ySense offers, Wannads, Revenue Universe, OfferToro, ayeT Studios, AdGate, Adscend, Peanut Labs and Ad Gem.

On these offerwalls, there are basically three types of offers. These are surveys, apps to download and install, invest money type of offers and then quizzes to score 100% .

To solve all the quizzes you can refer the answers on the website : myneobuxsolutions.com

If you do 2 surveys and 2 offers in a day then you will earn some bonus. If you do this for 3 days in a row then you will earn more bonus as shown below.

ySense Daily Checklist Bonus
ySense Checklist Bonus. Sign up to Earn Now!

ySense Affiliate Program

The third way to earn money on ySense is their affiliate program.

You get 2 types of commissions on the ySense affiliate program: Signup commissions and Activity commissions.

ySense Signup Commissions

For each referral that becomes active on the website for 3 days and performs at least 3 actions, you will earn a commission of $0.10 to $0.30 USD.

Your referral should be from a Tier-1 country like Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel etc.

Once your referral has earned $5.00 USD on the website, you will receive an additional bonus commission of $2.00 USD.

ySense Activity Commissions

For each approved survey or an offer, you earn 20% commissions of what your referrals earn.

Now, there is a good news.

If you have 100+ active referrals on ySense who made a transaction in the past 30 days then you'll earn 25% activity commission instead of 20%.

If you have 200+ active referral on ySense who made a transaction in the past 30 days then you'll earn 30% activity commission instead of 20%.

Now the question is - How to get 200+ active referrals?

Well, to earn referrals you can start blogging, You can buy a Top Level Domain (TLD) i.e..com from Namecheap .Then write your own ySense review on your blog and promote.

Money could be someone's problem so you can cut costs on hosting by connecting your domain with Blogger Platform.

Read: How to connect a domain with Blogger Platform to start making money online.

To promote your blog, you can go to Quora and write answers, make videos on YouTube and write articles on Medium.

How to withdraw money from ySense?

How to withdraw money from ySense

To withdraw money from ySense, there are multiple options. I recommend you to use PayPal as it has no transaction fees on the ySense end.

To start cashing out, you can click on Cashout tab at the top and then select PayPal. Your PayPal email-id should be same as the ySense email-id to receive the reward(money).

ySense Earnings - How Much Can You Earn from ySense?

I know a person named 'Pritam Nagrale' who has made more than $130,000+ USD from ySense alone in the time of 5+ years. $1,30,000+ USD is almost INR 1 Crore.

He is the founder of moneyconnexion.com

Below is the payment proof.

ySense Payment Proof

So what are you waiting for? Sign up on ySense now and start making money.

Hope this post helps you to earn money on ySense.

All the best!

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