"To Contribute Rather Compete"

Were you looking for a way to earn cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or Tether online but you didn't want to put a lot of effort to do so? Then look no further

Presearch is here for you.

You can earn Presearch token (PRE) by surfing genuinely over the internet.

The first step to start earning with PREsearch is to create a free account with it.

Click here to create a Free Presearch account.

To make this easy you can just add Presearch chrome extension to your browser and whenever you surf, you will earn.

You can earn from maximum 30 searches you do on Presearch.

PREsearch rewards account

The value of Presearch token (PRE) as per to congecko website is $0.05906722 at the time of writing this blog and you get paid 0.12 PRE for each of your genuine query while surfing.

Presearch also has its own search engine - "DSearch". You will be paid more when you choose DSearch and start using it as your default search engine in your browser.

Presearch Invite a Friend Program

Presearch also has a referral program where you can earn 25 credits when your referral has earned 50 reward tokens and has been active for 30 days after the initial sign up.

Presearch Payment Proof

I have already withdrawn 1000 PRE as you can see below and 1000 PRE in USD is $59.00+ at the time of writing this blog.

PREsearch payment proof

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with this special link to surf on Presearch now.

How to Exchange Presearch to BTC or TETHER?

You can easily convert your earned Presearch tokens (PRE) to BTC or TETHER (USDT)  using any of the listed exchanges below.

1. Kucoin : Use this special link to sign up on Kucoin and exchange your earned tokens.

2. Probit : Use this special link to sign up on Probit and exchange your earned tokens.

3. CoinEx: Use this special link to sign up on CoinEx and exchange your earned tokens.

4. HitBTC

This is really an easy way to earn a cryptocurrency online. All you need to do is keep on surfing and the website will pay you in the backend.

Just make sure you're logged in all the time in the search engine to keep track of your PREsearch earnings as shown in the figure below.

Presearch Rewards and Earnings

Hope this helps you to earn cryptocurrencies money online.

All the best!

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