The first step to earn money with Packetstream is to create your free account with it.

Click here to signup your free Packetstream account.

PacketStream Free Signup

You will need to verify your registered e-mail. So, open your email-id and then open the mail to verify your account.

Now you need to download the PacketStream Client software on your system.  

Download PacketStream Client

Note: Packetstream client is not available for mobile devices. It is only available for Windows, MacOs and Linux.

Once downloaded, you need to click on the downloaded file and install the PacketStream client software.

So, click on the downloaded file, and then click on Run.

Something like below shows up and it starts installing the software.

install packetstream on your computer

Then the software installs for you and asks you to login.

Login with the same username and password that you used to signup on the website as shown in the image below. Just click on submit after filling out the details and solving the captcha.

login to PacketStream with same username and password

Congratulations! You're all done and PacketStream will start earning for you.

PacketStream Payout Details

The minimum payout on Packetstream is only $5.00 USD which you can easily earn. You can withdraw this money in your PayPal account and there is a 3% transaction fee from the PacketStream side.

You can also earn money by referring others to Packetstream. You will get 20% commissions per referral.

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Packetstream Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1. What is PacketStream?

A: Packetstream is a peer-to-peer proxy network. Packeters are people who install the client software and share their internet with PacketStream to earn money in return. PacketStream customers purchase bandwidth which they use to browse the internet securely.

Q 2. How does PacketStream work?

A : PacketStream works because of the Packeters i.e. people who signup and download the client software to share their internet broadband. The website that receives the HTTP requests receives requests coming from real residential IPs and hence doesn't restrict the content

Q 3. What are PacketStream use-cases?

A : PacketStream has two main types of use-cases: Residential and Commercial.

Residential use-cases include private browsing, IP ban prevention and geo location control.

Commercial use-cases include price comparision, brand protection, QA testing, ad verification and web scraping.

Q 4. Can I run PacketStream from datacenter or business IP?

A: PacketStream currently supports only residential, mobile, cafe, school and portable hotspot networks. IPs from datacenter/hosting will be supported in the future.

Thank you for reading this PacketStream review, Hope this information helps you earn well on the internet.

All the best!

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