"To Contribute Rather Compete"

Were you frustrated that you started a survey and somehow you got disqualified for it and the survey panel didn't even pay you the money for your efforts?

Then you have came to the right blog. I will tell you about few things that you need to keep in mind while doing the surveys.

I will then share with you, top 5 survey sites to make good amount of money in 2021 and beyond.

The first thing to keep in mind is Speeding.

Speeding up on Survey Sites

Speeding means you're clicking too fast on the survey answers that the survey panel detects and things you're not doing the surveys seriously.

This is one problem that causes you to not get paid from the suvery panels.

The second problem is Disqualification from doing surveys. Not all surveys are meant for you and remember that disqualification from a survey is a very common thing. You shouldn't be worried about this. You should move to the next survey immediately.

The third thing to keep in mind is 'Surveys' are not meant for everyone. They're meant for only for the people the advertiser is looking for. So, keep searching for the survey that fits your profile.

Now, let's talk about the genuine survey sites that pay you money for your effort.

1. ySense: ySense offers surveys, paid offers and affiliate marketing as the ways to earn money. 

There are multiple companies enlisted in Ysense that provide surveys. These are YourSurveys, Opinion world, Toluna Influencers, Pollfish, Samplicio.us and many more.

If you're from US then you can earn a lot of money on Ysense. if you're from any other country of the world then you can surely earn by referring ySense to others.

There are many other options to withdraw money from the website but I recommend you to use Paypal as it has no transaction fees.

ySense rewards - PayPal preferred

The minimum payout on ySense for Paypal is  only $10.00 USD.

Use this special link to Join ySense now.

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2. Neobux : In Neobux, you need to complete your survey profile to unlock more surveys. By default, the site provides you Pollfish, Yuno, YourSurveys, OpinionLabs and survey time.

You can also watch ads and complete offers like playing quizzes, installing apps and completing mor surveys on the offerwalls to earn more money on Neobux.

Neobux is a trustworthy website. It is online since 2008 - 09.

The minimum payout on Neobux starts with $2.00 USD and then increases with every payout till $10.00 USD. You can withdraw your money from Neobux in AirTM.

Here is Neobux payment proof for you.

Neobux Payment Proof
Neobux Payment Proof. Sign up to Earn Now!

Click here to learn how to use AirTM properly.

Use this special link to Join Neobux now.

3. Swagbucks : Swagbucks has paid INR 555,559,545.00 till now to its users. The website is best for you if you're from US or any tier-1 country as you will receive a huge number of surveys to do.

If you're having an iOS then also there would be many offers to complete and get rewarded.

The website pays you SB for your actions.

The simplest way to earn SB on swagbucks is by using the Search & Earn feature. Search any product you want to buy in your life and you will be paid for searching it on Swagbucks.

Swagbucks Withdrawal Methods
Swagbucks Withdrawal Methods. Sign up Now to Earn!

You can withdraw your money from Swagbucks in Paypal. The minimum withdrawal amount is 1000 SB for $10.00 USD i.e around INR 700.00.

.Join Swagbucks for FREE now.

4. Grabpoints : Grabpoints has three ways for you to earn money. You can do surveys, watch videos and complete offers.

You can also refer others and earn money when they complete their 1000 points.

The minimum payout is $5.00 USD for paypal as shown below.

Grabpoints Payout Methods

Click here to Join Grabpoints and use code:MUKKZW on signup to earn free points.

5. Timebucks : This is last and my favorite website for working online. It offers you multiple ways to earn money. Surveys are the most paid feature of this website.

You can complete below things on this website daily to earn money consistently.

1. Complete a Full Survey from the Surveys Tab (Excludes Daily Poll)
2. Complete 3 Push Clicks
3. Run the Sweepstakes Software for 60 minutes
4. Complete 3 Slideshows
5. Attempt 3 Tasks.
6. Complete a Click from the Clicks tab

If you complete this checklist of 6 tasks then you will be paid some incentives at the end of completion.

The minimum payout on Timebucks is only $10.00 USD for AirTM.

Click here to learn how to use AirTM properly.

Use this special link to sign up on Timebucks Now.

Hope this post helps you earn money by doing surveys online. 

All the best!

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