Were you looking for a mobile app to earn passive income online? Then look no further as Honeygain has come for you.

Honeygain App Earnings

Honeygain app takes your unused internet automatically and pays you in return.

The best thing is when you sign up with this special link on Honeygain app , you will earn a welcome bonus of $5.00 USD.

Honeygain works with mobile data and internet modem data.This means, Honeygain can work on your mobile phone, on your laptop and even on your MacOS.

How much time does Honeygain take to give me the money?

The minimum payout on the Honeygain app is $20.00 USD. As per to the Honeygain website, it takes around 48 days on an average to earn this amount.

It requires 20,000.00 credits in the Honeygain app to complete the $20.00 USD threshold.

Honeygain Best Settings for Mobile

Below are the screenshots for the best Honeygain mobile settings. 

Honeygain Best Settings Part 2

I want you to set your mobile as per the above settings to earn the maximum money possible.

What are the other ways to Earn with the Honeygain app?

Win Honeygain Credits!

Honeygain app gives you the opportunity to win daily credits in the "Transactions History" section of the application.

To win credits, open your application daily and go to 'More' > Transactions History. Now open the jar to win the credits as shown below.

Honeygain Win Credits

Honeygain Open Jar

Honeygain Credits Won

Honeygain Referral Program 

Honeygain will give you 10% of commissions of what your referrals earn.

I have made 50+ referrals for Honeygain just using my blog with Quora as shown below.

Honeygain Referrals
Start Your Blog. Grab a Domain Now!

So, do promote your referral link on your blog and then bring traffic by making videos on Youtube, answering questions on Quora and  writing articles on Medium.

To start your own blog, you can buy a Top Level Domain (TLD) i.e. .com, .xyz or .net etc. from Namecheap. To save money on hosting, you can connect the domain you've bought with Blogger platform and then start blogging on it to make more money.

Click here to buy a domain name on Namecheap.  

Read: How to connect a domain with Blogger platform (link coming soon)

You can also bring traffic from Mix (formerly stumbleupon.com) by simply sharing your blog link in the mix website.

I'm sure, after 1.5 years of aggressive promotions, you will be amazed at your own referral earnings.

Earn More by Using More Devices

After installing the Honeygain app in your mobile phone, you can install this app in your laptop PC or MacOS.

You will earn better with each device added in your list.

How to withdraw money from the Honeygain App?

You can withdraw money from the honeygain app in two ways: Paypal and Bitcoin.

When you reach the minimum payout of $20.00 USD on the app, you can go to more>transaction history and request for a withdraw.

HoneyGain Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1. Is HoneyGain app legal in India?

A: Yes, Honeygain app is legal in India. There is no law making it illegal as of now.

Q 2. Is it necessary to have a bank account while using honeygain?

A : No, you only need a paypal account or a bitcoin wallet to withdraw your money. You can use this link to create a free bitcoin wallet on Blockfi.

Hope this helps you to earn more money passively.

All the best!

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