The first step to earn bitcoin with is to create a free account with it.

Click here to create your free account.

Once you've created your account and verified your details, then there are 4 major ways to earn bitcoin with the website.

1. Roll Hourly on Free BTC section.

The first method to earn bitcoin on is by rolling hourly. This is completely free and you can sometimes win around $200.00 USD if you're lucky.

You can do this every hour of the day.

2. Wager with Multiply BTC.

The second method to earn bitcoin with website is by wagering i.e. you risk and bet certain amount of bitcoin with a hope to win.

There are many strategies online for wagering with multiply BTC but the below one works like charm.

The minimum you need  to execute this strategy properly is 0.001 BTC in your main account. You can surely deposit this money in the website.

Go to Multiply BTC > AutoBet and do the settings as shown in the figure below.

Freebitcoin multiply BTC autobet settings
Set the parameters as shown by the arrows

Freebitcoin multiply BTC Autobet Settings
Set the Parameters as shown by the red arrows above.

3. Earn BTC with

The third method to make bitcoin with the website is by earning yearly interests on your BTC amount in your account. 

You can deposit 30,000 satoshis i.e 0.0003 BTC to earn an annual interest of 4.08% on the amount.

You can find how much you have earned in the 'Earn BTC' section of the website.

4. Referral Commissions also has a referral program where you can earn in bitcoin by referring others.

For every roll your referral do, you will earn 50% of the base prize.

For multiply BTC/betting, you will earn 0.40% of a wager/bet.

For earn BTC, you will earn 25% of  base daily interest.

For token sales, you will earn around 50% of trade fee.

5. Rewards

The fifth method of earning is Reward points (R.P.) . You will earn around 2 - 10 reward points for every free btc roll you do. 1 - 5 reward points for every roll your referral do and 1 - 5 reward points for every 500 satoshi you wager in the multiply BTC game.

There are reward points prizes like electronics (iPhone), hardware wallets, gift certificates, free btc bonus, lottery bonus and rewards points bonus that you can redeem with the reward points.

To know how much reward points you need to win an iPhone, you can use this special link to signup and go to the rewards section of your account.

Hope this helps you to earn bitcoin.

All the best!

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