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The first step to earn and mine Dogecoin (DOGE) is to create your free account with

Click here to create your free account.

Once you have created your account, you will get 4 ways to earn Dogecoin on this website.

Earn Dogecoin with - The 1st Way

Earn Dogecoin with

The first way to earn Dogecoin is by collecting daily reward. You will usually get around 0.08 to 0.1 DOGE as the daily free reward. So, do login daily in your account to get the free reward.

Earn Dogecoin with - The 2nd Way

The second way to earn Dogecoin is by typing the Promocodes in the 'Tasks' section of the website. You can see the tasks section at the bottom left of the website. The website team shares multiple promocodes on a daily basis on their social media like facebook, instagram, twitter and telgram.

Earn Dogecoin with - the second way

You can enable your desktop or mobile notifications on all these platforms to earn maximum DOGE by putting the promocodes.

Earn Dogecoin with - The 3rd Way

Earn Dogecoin with - The Third Way

The third way to earn DOGE on the website is to invest DOGE to buy cloud mining machines. The minimum investment you can start with is 50 DOGE. You can buy mining machines from the Machine section of the website.

They have named each investment as below. ROI means 'Return on Investment' here.

50 DOGE - Venus - ROI: 120%
100 DOGE - World - ROI - 125%
500 DOGE - Neptune - ROI - 130%
1000 DOGE - Uranus - ROI - 135%
10K DOGE - Saturn - ROI - 140%
100K DOGE - Jupiter - ROI - 145%

I have already invested 150 DOGE in this website confidently.

If you dare then try investing 100K DOGE in one go to earn the maximum Profits.

Click here to make your account and Invest 100K DOGE. Investment Strategy

This investment strategy makes sure you earn on a monthly basis. It will work on any type of investment you do on the website whether 50 DOGE or 100K.DOGE

All you need to do is keep on withdrawing ROI - 100% of the Dogecoin every time you machine ends mining.

For example, If you've invested 50 DOGE then you will withdraw 10 DOGE and buy a new mining machine of 50 DOGE the next month.

This will ensure that you are earning on a monthly basis and slowly it will take help you take your principal amount invested and then after the 5th month for 50 DOGE, you will be in profits.

Earn Dogecoin with - The 4th Way

Earn Dogecoin with - The 4th Way

The fourth way to earn Dogecoin on the website is by promoting your referral/affiliate link. You will earn life time commissions of 10% when someone joins with your link.

Referring others is crucial for your success online. Make sure you refer to the masses and not just to your family and friends.

You can refer to the masses by creating a blog and drive traffic to that blog with a youtube channel, a facebook group, medium articles, pinterest posts and quora answers.

Earn Dogecoin with - The Bonus Way

Earn Dogecoin on - The Bonus Way

The bonus way to earn Dogecoin on the website is by performing the easy promotional tasks. These tasks are:

1. Review on Trustpilot.
2. Share on Facebook
3. Share on Twitter
4. Make a Youtube Video promoting

Hope this well help to earn lots of Dogecoin online.

All the best!


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