"To Contribute Rather Compete"

The first step to earn bitcoin with Cryptotab is to download the browser.

Click here to download the Crytotab browser for free on your laptop/PC

Now open the downloaded file and install the browser in your system.

Once the browser is successfully installed, let it open for you.

Now, you will need to activate the mining button from the top right corner of the browser to start mining bitcoin with it.

See here,

Activate the mining button in Cryptotab Browser
Activate the Mining Button in Cryptotab Browser

Then you can set this as your default browser and start using it to surf the internet.

Also, the better your device configuration is, the better is going to be your mining experience and the better you will earn with the Crytotab browser.

If your device is having average configuration then mining could be slow. So, please be patient with it if this is the case. It is free money after all. Let mining run for you for few months and side by side share your referral link so that others install and you get commissions. Eventually you will get a payment.

Note: You will need to turn 'ON' mining everytime you open your PC/laptop as shown below.

activiate the mining speed button in cryptotab browser

How to Speed Up Your Earnings on Cryptotab browser?

You can increase, in fact multiply your earnings by increasing the mining speed upto 15x with the help of the cloud.boost feature of the Cryptotab browser.

Cloud.boost plans are varied and you can buy more than one plan at a moment. These plans will run together for you to give you boosted earnings.

Cryptotab Cloud Boost Simultaneous Plans

The best deal is to buy the yearly plans as they come with a 50% DISCOUNT.

Offer Alert!

Cryptotab is currently running offer to give you free access to cloud boost x2 for 30 days by inviting 2 qualified people. People you invite should install the cryptotab browser in their account and then need to activate their account.

Please use this special link to avail this offer.

Cryptotab Browser Affiliate Program

You can also earn money by referring others to the cryptotab program and hence creating your own cryptotab mining network

The affiliate program offers you commissions for 10 levels of referrals i.e if you invite someone, you will receive 15% on their mining, if the person you invited further invites someone then you will receive 10% on the new person's mining and so on as shown below.

Cryptotab Browser Affiliate Program

Some people are able to refer as much as 30,000+ people to the program and are earning really well with this.

Earn more with the Cryptotab Android App

You can also mine bitcoin using the cryptotab android app or the iOS app.

Click here to download the cryptotab browser apk.

The app is paid now. It costs less than a dollar i.e. less than 70 rupees on the Google Play store though.

Cryptotab Payment Proof

Cryptotab Payment Proof
CryptoTab Payment Proof. Download, Install and turn the mining "ON" to Earn Now!

How to Withdraw Bitcoin from the Cryptotab Browser?

The minimum payout on the cryptotab browser is just 1000 satoshis of bitcoin (1 Bitcoin = 1,00,00,000 satoshis)

You can withdraw the amount by requesting it from the top right corner of the browser.

As a last step, just enter your bitcoin address to withdraw when your earnings are 1,000+ satoshis.

How to Withdraw Bitcoin from Cryptotab Browser

It takes around 2 - 3 business days for Cryptotab to release your payments.

Hope this much information helps you to mine bitcoin.

All the best!

Cryptotab browser review 2021 Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q 1. Is Cryptotab browser Profitable?

A: Yes, Cryptotab browser is profitable provided you have a good system to mine bitcoin. If you have a dedicated graphics card in your system then you will earn good amount of money otherwise the earnings would be quite low

Q 2. How do you mine faster in Cryptotab browser?

A: You can use the cloud.boost feature of the cryptotab browser to mine 15x faster.

Q 3. Is Cryptotab browser safe to use?

A: Yes, Cryptotab browser is completely safe to use and legit. I didn't get any warnings or threats from my antivirus while installing and using the browser.

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